Commercial Services

You and your employees deserve better air quality to ensure health and productivity. Also save money by having your HVAC system be more energy efficient. We can work after hours to ensure we don’t disrupt your businesses during operating hours.

Here are the common causes of polluted air

  • Poorly maintained ventilation and air filtration system
  • Improperly placed intakes for the ventilation system
  • Obnoxious fumes from vehicles in the freight loading area
  • Infectious germs in the heating and ventilation system
  • Dust and debris from remodeling and construction

Here are the effects of having polluted air:

  • Employee complaints of sickness, allergies, eyes, nose and throat irritation, headaches and nausea
  • Damage to computers and other sensitive electronic equipment
  • Inefficiency of heating and ventilation system
  • Lower employee productivity due to poor air quality

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Air Duct Cleaning

The Colorado Power-Vac Air Duct Cleaning System

Our courteous, insured, professionally trained technicians use the following process:

  • Colorado Power-Vac technicians thoroughly pre-inspect your building’s air duct system. You will be informed of the air duct cleaning services needed, and the cost of such service, before any service will be performed.
  • Colorado Power-Vac technicians clean all registers/ grilles, and the entire air duct system using a powerful vacuum along with specialized tools.
  • As needed, areas will be zoned off to ensure that the entire system is cleaned properly.
  • All dirt and debris is removed to our containment system.
  • Our experienced technicians will put the air duct system back together and clean up any remaining debris in the work area.


Our Filtration Cleaning System offers you clean air benefits and features that no other media filter units can match. Our System traps air-borne contaminants generated by many industrial operations such as grinding, sanding and powder handling. Each model has several filter options designed with the flexibility to meet your particular air cleaning needs and offers you the many benefits of a clean working environment such as:

  • Improved air quality and comfort in the workplace.
  • Savings of up to 80% on energy costs by recirculating and retaining heated or cooled air in the workplace.
  • Decreased housekeeping and maintenance costs.
  • Protection of employees’ health and improved productivity.
  • Improved product quality and machine performance.
  • Compliance with federal, state and local health and safety standards for clean air.
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